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Essential Talks— Route to Market Strategy with Robin Robinson

February 28, 2023 Season 4 Episode 5
Park Street Insider Podcast
Essential Talks— Route to Market Strategy with Robin Robinson
Show Notes

We get it, entering the U.S. market can feel like staring up at a looming mountain, but it doesn't have to.  Robin Robinson, a brand consultant and spirits industry author, has been at the basecamp of the brand-building climb for years, giving brands the tools they need to succeed in the U.S. market. In this episode, Robinson brings his expertise in guiding small brands to U.S. market entry to the Park Street Insider Podcast. 

An industry veteran, Robinson will give you his tools and cardinal rules for succeeding in the U.S. market. One key piece of advice for Robinson: don't spread yourself too thin early on in your brand-building journey. He'll explain why maintaining a small geographic footprint and consolidated shelf lineup will go a long way in gaining meaningful traction in your chosen market. 

Robinson also helps entrepreneurs frame the way beverage-alcohol sales are made in the U.S. market, highlighting the importance of looking at beverage-alcohol sales as a B2B play. He wants brands to be sure that they appreciate the state-to-state regulatory variations before they go to market. 

Robinson will even share two case studies of brands he's worked with, demonstrating how the decisions they made influenced their level of success. 

Episode Breakdown:

1:16  - Robinson's background
2:35 - Bev-Alc sales as a B2B play
3:40 - U.S. market framework
5:04 - Building brand value
6:10 - The 4 cardinal rules of U.S. market entry
8:20 -
Cost of sale
9:09 - Market levelers  for small brands
9:57 - Market entry case studies 

Key Quote:

"You're looking to create ambassadors of your brand in each one of the individual markets without you being there. You want to capture the hearts, souls, and minds of the people you're selling to because they are going to be your virtual sales force."

In this episode you'll hear from:

Robin Robinson, Author, and Consultant 

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