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Essential Talks— Stephen Gould on Trends in Key World Whiskey Markets

March 17, 2023 Season 4 Episode 6
Park Street Insider Podcast
Essential Talks— Stephen Gould on Trends in Key World Whiskey Markets
Show Notes

The world of whiskey is expanding, and producers across the globe are coming up with new ways to innovate and drive the category forwards. With the demand for these spirits continuing to reach new heights, even established markets are finding ways to keep consumers engaged. 

On this episode of the Park Street Insider podcast, you'll be hearing from Stephen Gould, the founder, CEO, and master distiller of Golden Moon Distillery. Gould is a whiskey expert who travels the world, educating, judging, and consulting within the whiskey category, in addition to running his own brand.  In this talk, he gives an overview of three key world whiskey markets: the United States, Ireland, and Japan. 

A student of the category, Gould will place each of these markets in a historical context to help explain the developments within them today. As a member of the American Single Malt Whiskey Commission, Gould details the rise of the American single malt category in the United States and shares what efforts are being made by producers for the U.S. government to formalize a definition for the segment. He’ll then explain why Irish whisky is reaching back into its historic roots to find new means of market differentiation and give an update on the state of Japanese whisky. 

Gould gets into the technical details about how producers in the modern age are making differentiated whiskies that appeal to modern consumers. He cites innovation as the key for brands looking to set themselves apart in the market and gets into the importance of educating consumers. 

Episode Breakdown:

2:08 - Background on the category
3:57 - American single malt category
9:59 - Irish whiskey
13:37 - Japanese whisky

Key Quote:

The world right now has an unprecedented demand for brown spirits that we've never seen before."

In this episode you'll hear from:

Stephen Gould, Founder, CEO & Master Distiller, Golden Moon Distillery

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