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What It Takes— Tanteo Spirits President Neil Grosscup

August 31, 2023 Season 4 Episode 16
Park Street Insider Podcast
What It Takes— Tanteo Spirits President Neil Grosscup
Show Notes

Across the industry, beverage alcohol brands are looking to sure up their long-term prospects by investing along the lines of high-growth categories.  So when cult favorite whiskey brand Ole Smoky decided it was time to invest in their future, they didn't have to look much further than high-flying tequila maker Tanteo Spirits. On this episode, Neil Grosscup, President of Tanteo Spirits, joins the Park Street Insider Podcast to share his experience in the spirits industry and the development of Tanteo up through the point of sale.

Grosscup will share key insights about: 

Managing a Successful Career Arc

  • If you go from being an unpaid intern to CEO of a spirits brand in less than four years, chances are you're doing something right. Grosscup's story is a reminder that with passion and hard work, there are many paths to success in beverage alcohol.  

How to Win Over Retail Accounts

  • Tanteo's hyper-focused approach to winning over bartenders was part of the reason they were able to develop the brand into an attractive investment. Grosscup will explain the methods they used when doing in-market visits to attain menu placements and drive sales. 

Overseeing A Sale and Merger 

  • Grosscup gives listeners an inside look at the decision-making process leading up to Tanteo's sale to Ole Smoky and what owners should look out for when undergoing a merger.  

In this episode you'll hear from:

Neil Grosscup, President, Tanteo Spirits
Mentioned in this episode:

Tanteo Tequila
Ole Smoky

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