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Essential Talks— The Real Cost of Spirits Production

September 14, 2023 Season 4 Episode 17
Park Street Insider Podcast
Essential Talks— The Real Cost of Spirits Production
Show Notes

Many of the Park Street podcast guests extoll the importance of vision to the brand-building process. But before a vision can materialize, an understanding needs to form around the actual cost of goods that will be incurred during the production process. With this Essential Talk from Paul Monahan of Matchbook Distilling, a contract distillery based in Long Island, we're taking a granular look at the financial implications and timelines for producing a spirit. 

To give founders an effective template for costing out production Paul covers: 

  • Production unit economics - Paul delivers a comprehensive breakdown of the timeline it takes to produce both 300 and 600-gallon runs of a given spirit. He highlights the associated costs and issues the total expenses that you can expect for spirits production. 

  • Glass economics - After the spirit is produced, it's time to put it in a bottle. Paul combs through the associated costs of securing glass and runs through the supply chain expenses that coincide with this process.  

  • Data analysis - Taking an active approach to understanding the data behind the cost of goods is the only way founders can get the full picture of how much they actually want to spend before making commitments. Paul uses label pricing and finished cocktail breakdown to explore this principle.

In this episode you'll hear from:

Paul Monahan, COO, Matchbook Distilling
Mentioned in this episode:

Matchbook Distilling

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