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What It Takes— Maison Ferrand Owner & Master Blender Alexandre Gabriel

October 26, 2023 Season 4 Episode 19
Park Street Insider Podcast
What It Takes— Maison Ferrand Owner & Master Blender Alexandre Gabriel
Show Notes

Few entrepreneurs have built a portfolio of brands quite like Alexandre Gabriel. His vision helped transform a once dormant cognac house into the leading global supplier that is Maison Ferrand today. Join Emily Pennington as she examines what it takes to build a leading global portfolio of alcohol brands through the eyes of one of its most beloved entrepreneurs.

Gabriel will share key insights about:

Balancing Priorities

  • The ability to adapt to early missteps in brand building will go a long way to determining your brand's trajectory. Gabriel wants entrepreneurs to set the balance between appreciating the science behind producing the liquid and understanding the financial structures that prop it up as early as possible. 

Industry Evolution

  • Despite building brands across a spectrum of categories, Gabriel managed to apply similar entrepreneurial principles to each one to bring them to the fore. After decades spent managing each, he's seen how the industry has evolved to expect new ideas across these sectors. You'll hear how the cognac, gin, and rum categories have developed over time to become what they are today. 

The value of partnerships

  •  Whether it's building strong connections between the farmers that give suppliers raw materials or developing the right connections with distributors, Gabriel sees maintaining quality relationships as paramount to the success of any business. Learn about how he leveraged a family tradition of farming and his business background to develop Maison Ferrand into a global portfolio. 

In this episode you'll hear from:

Alexandre Gabriel,  Owner & Master Blender, Maison Ferrand 
Mentioned in this episode:

Maison Ferrand

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